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Lavander, Eucalyptus, Citronelle, Oceane, Pythre, Sandalwood, The vert (Green Tea), Rosee de rose, Feuille De Menthe (Mint), Anti-Mite, Anti Bacterial, Apple and other Aroma Therapy Essential Oil.

Functions :-
Remove Ordor, Kill Bacterias, Purify Air, Ionizer, Increase Oxygen, Aroma Therapy, Mood Management.

Eucalyptus – Enhance ashtma, sinus, breathing problem
lavander – Insomnia, Blood pressure, Relax
Citronelle – Alleviates insomnia and headache
Oceane – Improve memory, enhance memory
Pythre – Repell mosquitoes and insects
Sandalwood – Calming
The vert (Green Tea) – Helps relieve fatigue and sleepiness
Rosee de rose – Create romantic atmosphere
Feuille De Menthe (Mint) – Revitalizing
Anti-Mite- kill dust mites.
Anti Bacterial – Specially formulated to reduce bacteria formation
Pomme Verte(Green apple) – To increase appetite and create happy feeling

You can mix oil for more functions.